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Lionheart [1975] CKC Perm. Reg'd.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lionheart [1975] Canadian Kennel Club Permanent Registered is my hobby and passion. Lionheart dogs bring great joy to those who dream of fun and companionship with a beautiful, functional and healthy dog. Over the past forty years, Lionheart Chow Chows, Lionheart Mi Japanese Chin and Lionheart Pekingese have earned an internationally respected reputation.  Lionheart dogs win at international shows on their merit.  Every Lionheart puppy wins my heart, as well as the heart of its owners and admirers.  Dedicated to correct breed traits, sound temperament and longevity through health testing and high quality selection, Lionheart success in Chow Chows, Japanese Chin and Pekingese is world recognized.  

A show dog is more than a dream; it's a companion for life!

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